A recently released report indicates that the extinction rate of animal species is a great deal higher than previously expected, with scientists saying animals are being pumped out almost 100 times faster than they ought to be, and the rate is comparable to when the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years back. Scientists say people have

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Environment Tech: What Is It?

The fight for this planet started years ago by many groups and organisations around the globe. We have to fight to get things done due to the fact that time for our blue planet is running out. We are a very advanced civilisation so the war to save our planet relies on sophisticated tech. What is this tech and how is it used? Please read our blog section for all of the latest and the greatest tech countries and organisations are employing in their individual green fight to save our one and only planet.

World Environment Days

Since it started in 1974, it has grown to be a worldwide platform for public outreach that’s widely celebrated in over 100 nations.

The People’s Day Above all, World Environment Day is the”people’s day” for doing something to Care for the Earth. This”something” could be concentrated locally, nationally or worldwide; it could be a solo act or involve a bunch. Everybody is free to choose.

The Theme Every World Environment Day is organised around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The idea for 2018 is beating plastic contamination.

The Host Each World Environment Day has a distinct international host nation, where the official parties take place. The focus on the host nation helps emphasise the environmental challenges it faces and supports the effort to address them.

Registration in the past few decades, countless individuals have taken part in thousands of registered activities globally. Please register so we can keep you updated on various actions.

For more information go to the World Environment Daywebsite.