Sustainable Hotels

Tips for Sustainable Hotels

It is becoming more and more evident in today‚Äôs modern world that people are becoming more educated and aware of international environmental issues as well as altering their behaviour to incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR)and becoming more environmentally friendly. Given this favourable directive, sustainable resorts are certain to be abundant and five important areas to focus

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sustainable tech in office

Sustainable Technology in the Office

With growing amounts of waste end up in landfill at home and overseas, you’d be forgiven for believing that technology isn’t necessarily a sustainable businessenterprise. The international population is projected to create over 50 million tonnes of e-waste this season, causing a substantial strain on Earth. But, modern technologies are also being designed to decrease our

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backyard environment

Sustainable Tech Trends In Real Estate

Real estate is a business that’s always encouraged by innovation in its applications and technology. The home market and commercial property sales industryhas been an enthusiastic adopter of the newest trends in architecture and design while fulfilling the changing needs and requirements of its customers. Recently, extraordinary measures are being forced towards a positive global and

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